The soul behind a scale?

So, I was thinking about this design the other night after I had read a poem by inkskinned about the “screaming silence” and mental roller coasters that are unlocked when asked to rate feelings on scales of A to B. (I encourage you to go and read her poem here, it’s beautiful: On a scale of one to ten…)

Does your mind start a similar inner monologue when you are asked to rate tension (or any feeling whatsoever, or maybe like the intensity of an urge)? If that is something, you can relate to, then how do you actually answer the ‘on a scale of A to B’ question and determine a value? Do you kind of make an educated guess? Which one of the voices in your head is the one that wins and gets to say which value it is gonna be? Or maybe, does this mental process of having to decide on the level of intensity (of a feeling) help you in any way?

What if this scale actually triggers the “crazy monkey mind”/inner monologue on purpose just to distract everyone from a seemingly overwhelming urge to self-injure?

Tell me what you think.



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